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The future of U.S. politics: beyond red and blue. Yellow States: your definitive resource.
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The move beyond the long dominant Republican and Democratic Parties
A voting and elections resource for independent minded voters interested in third party politics
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2016 Election Projection of Final Electoral College Results
(updated 9/12/16): Donald Trump (Republican, Red) vs Hillary Clinton (Democrat, Blue)

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Yellow States is your definitive resource for uncovering activity in Independent Politics and Third Party movements. Purple states are a mix of blue and red. Some Republicans and some Democrats. Not all of one or the other. Generally close to evenly divided. Well purple only captures oscillating between the two major parties.
Yellow is the color opposite to red and blue. On the color wheel yellow red and blue form a triangle. So yellow represents that which is not red or blue. So any independent movement outside the traditional mix.
Yellow States is helping to educate and inform voters and all citizens of America regarding alternatives to the major political parties: coverage of Green Party (Jill Stein), Prohibition Party, the Better for America movement, Reform Party, Socialist Party, Communist Party, America's Party and American Independent Party (AIP), Constitution Party (Darrell Castle), Libertarian Party (Gary Johnson), Gloria La Riva, Mimi Soltysik, Jerry White, Tom Hoefling, Chris Keniston and many other independent political parties and their candidates. To advertise email here.

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