Quantum Politics and the Political Circle

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The Political Circle and Quantum Politics

We (desperately) need new ways of looking at our politics.

Alternative approaches to truly understanding (understanding) our neighbors politcs....
Our friends politics. Our families politics. Having that ability that no political perspective is going to surprise you. Staying steadfast in who you are. Not afraid to talk about your true perspectives, so that other's can talk to you. About who they are. Trying to get why they look at it that way. All of us, connecting with each other... and anyone's politics (even those so contrary, totally oPPosiTe of ours).
We talk to people all day long that have totally different political viewpoints. Only when we glimpse a part of their politics it all changes. Politics, can get so intense; and emotional. There is a reason. There is nuance, contingencies and inconsistencies inside each of our politics. And vice versa. This is the essence of quantum politics and the political circle.

The Political Circle is a concept, and part of the Quantum Politics book, explaining the future of politics. Anyone really is a centrist.

  Quantum Politics and the Political Circle.

quantum politics, political circle

Book Description > Quantum Politics: Beyond the Simplistic Left-Right Political Spectrum
Traditional left-right politics is holding us back. Time to up our game. Quantum mechanics includes befuddling simultaneous, contradicting aspects of reality. What if we started looking at each other's political viewpoints in that way. And then celebrated the simple reality that we are far more different politically than the left-right line makes it out to be. And it is a great thing! "Quantum politics" speculates about what future political parties will look like. And challenges conventional wisdom introducing a "Political Circle" in which no one is on an extreme. Every single one of us (no matter the intensity of your views) is, if we want to be, at the center of bridging divides and solving issues in politics. If we can tolerate and embrace some extreme ideas and painfully difficult discussions our best future is still ahead. We might even see the end of over 160 years of the same old Washington, DC duopoly of Democrats and Republicans. Beyond red and blue, call them "yellow states."
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The Political Circle

From the book: "If we can acknowledge these common-sense truths and contradictions it can free us to identify with whoever we want to in politics and life." That is takes you in to the essense of deeper, quantum politics. A 'centrist' is someone that bridges between the 2 parties? Well, any of us. ANY of us, can be a centrist. No matter your politics. No matter your mix of views. IF. If you can listen to and work with any others for solutions. Better Life. Better World. Give your politics a Total Restart.

Political Circle, Left-Right Spectrum Politics

The Political Circle and Quantum Politics

Not Red States or Blue States. Not Purple either (a blend of the two dinosaurs)
Coverage of the U.S. Political Party and independent movements for the Future: beyond red and blue. Yellow States is your definitive resource for uncovering activity in Independent Politics and Third Party movements. Purple states are a mix of blue and red. Some Republicans and some Democrats. Not all of one or the other. Generally close to evenly divided. Well purple only captures oscillating between the two major parties.
Yellow is the color opposite to red and blue. On the color wheel yellow red and blue form a triangle. So yellow represents that which is not red or blue. So any independent movement outside the traditional mix.
Yellow States is helping to educate and inform voters and all citizens of America regarding alternatives to the major political parties.

Yellow States: your definitive politics resource for independents, Third Parties and the future of political Parties and perspectives.
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