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3rd Parties

Constitution here

Green Party here

Libertarian LP

The Alliance here


Communist here

Justice here

Life & Liberty here

One Nation here

People's Party (SA)




Reform Party

Socialist: PSLhere

Socialist: SEPhere

Solidarity: ASP

Transhumanist: here

Unity Party

Veterans Party

Working Families here

Workers World (WWP)

List of all parties: here


Justice Democrats

Brand New Congress

Our Revolution

President 2020

Election Day: 11/3/2020

Inauguration: 1/20/2021

Campaign Websites:

all candidates (filed)

Crystal Bergfield here

Don Blankenship here

Brian Carroll here

Mark Charles here

Daniel Cummings here

Rocky de la Fuente here

Cherie DeVille here

Don Grundmann here

Bill Hammons here

Howie Hawkins here

Jo Jorgensen here

Joseph Kishore here

Charles Kraut here

Gloria La Riva here

Christoper Life here

J.R. Myers here

Brock Pierce here

Joe Schriner here

Sexy Vegan here

Kanye West here

Dr. John WorldPeace here

Ben Zion here

List of 2020 candidates:




all (Form 2 filings)

all (by campaign receipts)

Election News

Our news picks here

IVN: Open Platform for Independent and Alternative News

Independent, Third Party news: via Bing

Ballot Access News

Independent Political Report

Ballot Access News


Ballotpedia: here

Prior President Results

Rasmussen here

Real Clear Politics here


No Labels here

Open Primaries here

independent voting here


270 to Win 2020 Electoral Map: here

Who wins 2020? Odds: here

2020 Elections: Third Party, Independent, Movements, Candidates, Parties

Quantum Politics Book

The Political Circle

Yellow States of the future

Start making history today.
Never been a third party worth a bag of chips in literally over 150 years in America.
That must change.
Please start voting for someone different. ANYONE different.
Share with others. YellowStates helps to uncover activity in Independent Politics and Third Party movements. Purple states are a mix of blue and red. Some Republicans and some Democrats. Not all of one or the other. Generally close to evenly divided. Purple is just more of the same.
Yellow is the color opposite to red and blue. Yellow represents that which is not red or blue.
New political independent movement outside the traditional mix.
Yellow States: for the new and different alternatives. Non-partisan and post-partisan. We encourage all people of every different political background to go looking for a closer fit to what you believe. Read more about our view of the political circle and a future of quantum politics.
Yellow States: the premier alternative news source for third parties and independents
Coverage, Tracking Third Party and Independent Candidates. To move beyond the long dominant Republican and Democratic Parties. A voting and elections resource for independent minded voters interested in third party politics. Be counted. Show support. Click and join our free email list HERE.

Yellow States is helping to educate and inform voters and all citizens of America regarding alternatives to the major political parties: coverage of the Green Party (Howie Hawkins, Dario Hunter), Prohibition Party, the Better for America movement, Reform Party, Socialist Party, Communist Party, America's Party and American Independent Party (AIP), Constitution Party (Don Blakenship), Libertarian Party (Dan Behrman, Max Abramson, Kim Ruff), Crystal Bergfield and many other independent political parties and their candidates. Coverage of the U.S. Political Party and independent movements for the Future: beyond red and blue.
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